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The term "Articulation Therapy" (speech sound therapy) is most commonly referred to as speech therapy.  The primary goal for articulation therapy is to focus on producing accurate speech sounds.  A person with an articulation disorder incorrectly articulates sounds within certain words by distorting, adding, or leaving off some of the sounds.

Children might be diagnosed with an articulation disorder when they have trouble with certain speech sounds past the point of normal developmental speech issues (see Speech Sound Development Chart below!)  This disorder could be due to a variety of factors including: a developmental delay, motor impairment (apraxia),  hearing impairmentautism, birth defect or brain injury, among other possible causes.


Adults might also require articulation therapy due to medical conditions such as a stroke, head injury, progressive diseases (i.e., Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases), as well as unresolved speech patterns/errors from childhood.


Diagnosis of an articulation disorder will oftentimes require an articulation test.  This is completed through an initial evaluation where a speech pathologist (that’s me!) identifies the sounds and/or patterns in error.  A physical examination of the face and mouth may also be conducted to assess the function of speech-related muscles.  Then, together with the client and their family, the SLP develops a plan of care to address the speech sound errors


Here’s a great Speech Sound Development Chart that may help you identify if your child is using sounds that are appropriate his his/her age.


If you are unsure if articulation therapy is right for your child, let me help you! 


Reach out by clicking the link below and we can figure it out together! 

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